Controller QuadScan II

Series 7400 QuadScan II

1 to 4 Channels Controller



The Series 7400 Controller is a wallmount 1 to 4 channel receiver housed in a NEMA-4X enclosure. 7400 Controller accepts any 4-20 mA input and a large backlit display providing individual readout of each channel.
The 7400 Controller includes common alarm, warn, fail and horn relays while the optional relay package offers 8 individual 5 amp relays (6 SPDT, 2 DPDT) that are completely user programmable and assignable for any of the four channels. Individual relays can be configured for “voting and zoning logic” [see data sheet for more details].
Installation of 7400 Controller is easy and the receiver’s set up and operation is performed via an intuitive push button interface. Optional Battery Backup (096-0719) provides 2.5 amp/hours of operation during power outages to ensure continued protection against airborne hazards.
Key Features:
  • Integrates with up to 4 points of gas or flame detection
  • Housed in a NEMA 4X enclosure
  • Compatible with 4-20mA
  • Optional battery backup