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Laser Open Path Toxic Gas Detector



The Simtronics GD1 sets a new standard for toxic gas detection. Using a tuneable laser diode, the GD1 delivers enhanced coverage and fail safe detection. The performance improvement marks a genuine step change for safety systems and life cycle cost savings.

The GD1 has been designed with features that provide an effective response to the detection of gas hazards in a wide range of industrial environments from offshore production facilities to wastewater treatment plants.At the heart of the detector is a tuneable laser diode that eliminates environmental effects from sun, rain and fog. The laser scans single absorption lines where there is no interference from other gases.


Key Features:

– First Exd NIR Laser open path detector for H2S safety related applications

– 5 years warranty

– Large area covered with a single unit

– Separate Transmitter and Receiver concept

– Real cost savings within 2 years

– Non-consumptive technology

– Fail safe, with no sleeping affects

– Suitable for SIL 2 applications

– No cross interference

– Low detection levels, suitable for personnel safety

– Negligible affects from atmospheric changes (fog, etc.)

– Fastest possible speed of response

– No zero-point drift, no calibration


Sensor TypesH2S
0 - 200 ppm*m
0 - 500 ppm*m
0 - 1 000 ppm*m
0 - 2000 ppm*m
0 - 5000 ppm*m
0 - 20000 ppm*m
IR SourceTuneable laser diode
Laser Class 1 , eye safe
Path Length5 - 75m
CalibrationFactory set, no field recalibration
Continuous self test
Weight2 kg each
EnclosureHousing: Stainless steel (ASTM 31 6)
Junction Box: GRP
Communication4-20mA source or sink / HART®
Operating Voltage24 V DC, range1 8-32 V DC
Power Consumption< 15 W
Operating Temperature-40°C to + 65°C
Humidity1 00% RH
Warranty5 years full warranty on detector system
Global ApprovalATEX, IECEx, IP66/IP67 IEC 60529, SIL2