Michell XZR500

Control Analyzer




  • Measurement range: 0.01 to 25% O2
  • Various probe for stack temperatures up to 1,300°C
  • No air reference required with our Metallic Sealed Reference Sensor
  • Long life zirconia cell with reliable accurate measurements
  • Simple to maintain, easy to calibrate every 6 months
  • Robust design that is simple to use
  • Quick and easy to install
Ranges0-500ppm / 0-1000ppm / 0-2000ppm
Display3 ½ digit LCD. Reads full scale from 0.00ppm to 100.0ppm independently of output range selection
OutputAnalog output signal: 0-1VDC represents the output range selected: 0-10ppm, 0-50ppm, 0-100ppm, etc.
Data LoggingLogs data for 15 days @ 1 minute intervals, 30 days @ 2 minute intervals, etc. Represents the output range selected: 0-10ppm, 0-50ppm, 0-100ppm, etc.
Power115/230VAC for 12VDC battery charger
Rechargeable NiCad batteries: 350 hours continuous operation
Repeatability+/- 1% of range or +/- 0.2ppm of H2S,whichever is greater
Operating Temperature-1 to 45 ˚ C
Dimension4.5”W x 9.5”H x 4.5”D
Weight2.25 kg
ApprovalSA International to UL and CSA Class 1, Div. 1, Groups B,C,D